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  1. An Anthology of Oriental Music Pieces
    Tawfik Sabbagh. Sanadiki & Nouri [1935]
  2. Andalusian Muwashahat
    Fou'ad Raja'y. Fou'ad Raja'y [1955]
  3. Arabic Music Conference
    Various Authors. Amiri Press [1933]
  4. Arabic Notation for Music
    Ahmad Amin Deek. Shorouk Modern Library & Print Press [1924]
  5. Complete Method for Rhythmical Articulation
    Pasquale Bona. White Smith Music Publishing [1905]
  6. Lessons Program for Oud Instrument
    Various Authors. Tunisian Higher Institute of Music [2013]
  7. Listening to Music
    Carig Wright. Schirmer Cengage Learning [2011]
  8. Melodies from the Iraqi Heritage
    Abdulfattah Helmi. Iraqi Artists Union [1984]
  9. Music Fundamentals
    Sumy Takesue. Routledge [2018]
  10. Music Notation in the Twentieth Century
    Kurt Stone. W. W. Norton & Company [1980]
  11. The Beautiful Garden of Music Melodies' Meters
    Mohammed Zaker. Mahmoud Hamdi Al-Helbawi [1933]
  12. The Law of Strings Lengths and its Application on the Oud
    Ahmad Amin Deek. Oriental Music Club [1906]
  13. The Musician Rawhi Al-Khammash
    Habib Zaher Abbas. Public Cultural Affairs Press [1999]
  14. The Pioneer of Arabic Music
    Abdulhamid Allouji. The Republic Printing Press - Baghdad [1964]
  15. The Study of Oud
    Safar Ali, Abdulmon'em Arafeh. Majdi Printing Press [1942]
  16. The Treasure of the Promised for Learning the Oud
    Mohammed Zaker. Al-Liwa'a Printing Press [1903]