Maqamat (music scales): Arabic Maqam first appeared when the reciting of the Qur'an started, which was then documented in the 13th century by El-Faraby, El-Kindy and Ibn seena. each maqam contains seven nagmeh (pitches), the vocal intervals between them differs from maqam to maqam. there are 8 main Maqamat in Arabic Music, each has its own character and evoke an individual emotional feeling either happiness,sadness,hope, nostalgia or even a mix of all . Most of maqamt have the  first four notes called diwan(main jins or first tetra chords) and second four notes or second tetra chords called modulated jins,  one of them is an exception , sikah maqam , which has diwan of 3 notes called tabee.

There are 8 main maqamat in Arabic music. The first letter of
each maqam makes word called soneaa bi syhrek, that means
made with your magic.

list of main maqamat:

Rast maqam: consist of rast diwan and jins rast

Ajam (Major)maqam: consist of ajam diwan and modulated jins ajam

Byati maqam: consist of byati diwan and modulated jins nahawand 

Saba maqam: consist of saba diwan and modulated jins kurd.

Nahawand(minor) maqam: consist of nahawand diwan and modulated jins kurd, equal to aeolian mode in western church mode system

Kurd maqam: consist of kurd diwan and modulated jins kurd, equal to phrygian mode in greek church  mode system

Hijaz maqam :consist of hijaz diwan and modulated jins nahawand

Sikah maqam : consist of tabee sikah and moudulated jins rast.

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