Different Types of Learning

Radwan Taleb



Radwan altaleb was born in Damascus, Syria, in 1974 He started to learn Oud from his father and his oldest sister at age of 8. His passion is for the old oud sound, especially instruments made in Syria. Radwan went on to join the Syrian middle institute of music at the age 12 and then joined the high institute of music in 1992. Radwan graduated in 1997 in Damascus, Syria with a Degree in music performance mastering Oud. Radwan  went to join National Syrian Orchestra, Palmyra Band as an Oudist. Radwan eventually moved to Canada after the war in Syria and founded Syca Band which Became the the Arabest Orchestra later in 2016. Radwan now teaches Oud and lives in Ontario, Canada.

Three Ways to Learn Oud

Online Courses

Anytime & Anywhere.

Live Instructor will walk you through all of the courses


Sit with Radwan Taleb and learn Oud in-person, get the experience face-to-face.