Music Rhythms(Iqaa)

Rhythm in music is the recurrence of strong notes, weak notes, and rests in time indicating when notes are played. Musical rhythm also stipulates how long notes  are played and with what intensity.

The music measure defined by time signature which consist of 2 numbers, the upper number indicates how many beats in the measure and the lower number indicates the time value of the beat.

TEMPO: is referred to the speed of the music piece and the reference note usually the quarter note.


Examples of Music Rhythms:

Simple  rhythms : 2/4(repeat of strong beat then weak beat), example of binary rhythms are karatshy, fox, wahada sira,malfouf.

3/4(a repeat of strong beat then 2 weak beats),examples are waltz, darij,sharh.

4/4(C time or called common time, a repeat of strong beat,weak beat ,less strong beat ,weak beats),examples are wahda, sunbaty,balady,rhumba,maksoum.

Compound  rhythms: like 6/8 is a repeat of strong beat, weak beat, weak beat, less strong beat, weak beat, weak beat , this rhythm could be divided to 2 beats each of them is dotted quarter note value.

other compounds like 10/4 called samaii thakeel used mainly in mwashahat.

some rhythms 10/16 called  jorjina   in Iraq.majrour,sharh,adany in gulf area.

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