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In this course, Mr. Altaleb introduces the student to the fundementals of the art of Taqsim (Improvisation). Taqsim is the summit of music making in Arabic Music. Mr. Altaleb, provides an expose of the eight maqams with modulation of inter-related maqams. In this expose, the formulation of taqsim phrases is introduced in great detail. The secrets of ornaments used in the construction of phrases is explained in detail. To further assist the student in following and absorbing the subtleties invloved in taqasim, phrases are sung with the solfage  (notes) with great care in stressing, the ornaments used in phrases. The pathways of transitioning between inter-related maqams in the process of taqsim is highlighted with detaild explanation.
This course provides the essential foundation to mastering the art of taqsim and lays the groundwork for the next advance course, where Eight taqasim of the great masters Riad Sunbati, Farid Atrash, and Al Qasabji are explained in the same level of detail using tne notes of the Taqasim book of Mr. Ali Kisserwan with solfage sung in the same manner as in this course.