Radwan Taleb



Radwan altaleb was born in Damascus, Syria, in 1974 He started to learn Oud from his father and his oldest sister at age of 8. His passion is for the old oud sound, especially instruments made in Syria. Radwan went on to join the Syrian middle institute of music at the age 12 and then joined the high institute of music in 1992. Radwan graduated in 1997 in Damascus, Syria with a Degree in music performance mastering Oud.
Radwan  went to join National Syrian Orchestra, Palmyra Band as an Oudist. Radwan eventually moved to Canada after the war in Syria and founded Syca Band which Became the the Arabest Orchestra later in 2016. Radwan now teaches Oud and lives in Ontario, Canada.

Our Vision


One of the most troubling trends in evidence today, is the apparent loss of heritage (Turath) due to various cross currents and cross globalization.There is a risk of losing the art of traditional Arabic music making. These courses, were designed and guided with the vision of preserving the rich heritage of traditional Arabic music and to familiarize other cultures with this magical instrument the oud. The haunting and beguiling sound of this instrument has entranced many generations in the past and the oud became the the ancestor of all string instruments including the lute and guitar spreading throughout the world. In these courses, we strive to preserve and re-introduce the oud to both maintain its place and expand its appeal to all cultures and music ensembles.

Our Mission


The oud is the premiere Arabic musical instrument and personify the very character of Arab music. These courses were formulated to teach the perspective student not only how to play and gain proficiency in playing the oud instrument, but it will guide the student through a carefully selected lessons in gaining an in depth knowledge of arabic music theory. This involve a through instruction in the Arabic Maqam musical scales and its interrelationships in the construction of melodic phrasing for both written pieces and improvised music (taqsim). One of the most difficult parts of Arabic music is mastering the art of taqsim which lie at the very heart and essence of Arabic music. These courses will take the student step by step through a progressive approach from the basic fundaments of Arabic music to the level of Taqsim which represent the summit of arabic music making.

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